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Professional Chemical and Equipment creates striking display

September 13, 2000
Professional Chemical and Equipment in Milwaukee, WI has created an eye-catching product display. The display is a floor-to-ceiling 20-foot high wall of chemicals. The back walls are 28 ft. long and 10 ft. wide. The display has about 250 five-gallon pails and 150 single gallons of assorted product on the tiered frontage. The value of the chemicals exceeds $25,000.

Dick Resch is the owner of Professional Chemical and Equipment and is a recognized Master Cleaning and Restoration teacher. Resch estimates that it took a total accumulation of three days to build the supporting framework and another three days for product placement. Not having been built up all at once, Resch explains, “It is the accumulation of time with each day taking 15 minutes or a couple of hours.”