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ProTeam Sales Executives Are Officially CIMS Certified

April 7, 2009

Boise, ID – ProTeam, Inc. is proud to announce that the following key salesexecutives have completed the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard(CIMS) certification training: Bob Cusick, Rich Stanley, Ray Noonan and RichSteinberg.

As stated on the ISSA website, “Becoming a certified CIMS expert positions anindividual to provide training or consulting services to those cleaningorganizations interested in complying with the Standard and preparing to certifyto CIMS - a consensus-based industry standard that sets forth the universallyaccepted management principles proven to be the hallmarks of well-managedand customer-centered cleaning organizations. CIMS certification increases theodds of outsourcing success, offers a level of assurance that a cleaningorganization’s management systems and operations are structured to deliverconsistently high-quality service, and identifies a true commitment to meetingone's expectations.”

“Completing this course allows ProTeam to offer even more educationalexpertise to our customers. We have always been an educationally focusedorganization and this certification strengthens our commitment to ensuring thatour customers have access to “Best Practice” solutions for their businessoperations,” says ProTeam Sales VP Rich Steinberg.

Several of ProTeam’s national account partners have already shown interest inthe CIMS certification process. The company now has the resources to assistthese companies with implementing consistent and high performance practicesdesigned to elevate the level of services provided.