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ProTeam Vacs Earn CRI's Gold Rating

January 16, 2010

Boise, Idaho - ProTeam has earned the gold Seal of Approval/Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for seven (7) of its leading vacuums, signifying that they meet the highest standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness and indoor air quality.  

  Vacuums awarded gold pass a stringent testing process at an independent laboratory and meet three key performance criteria:  amount of soil removed, containment of dust and dirt within the machine, and carpet fiber protection.  ProTeam vacuums rated gold include:  Super CoachVac®, Super CoachVac® HEPA, Super QuarterVac®, Super QuarterVac HEPA, MegaVac®, RunningVac® and ProVac® CN.

  The Super CoachVac and Super CoachVac HEPA are productivity powerhouses for cleaning large spaces in less time.  Its high-powered motor creates enhanced suction, and dust stays trapped by Four Level Filtration and a 10-quart filter capacity. The Super QuarterVac line provides the power and efficiency of the Super CoachVac in a size fit for smaller workers and spaces.  Weighing in at only 10 pounds, the Super QuarterVac HEPA takes on any cleaning challenge with productivity, durability and ergonomic ease-of-use. For quick clean up in industrial facilities and commercial construction sites, the MegaVac converts into a blower in two easy steps. The high-efficiency speed canisters, the RunningVac and ProVac CN, are made with the same efficient and durable construction of all ProTeam vacuums.

  “We are proud of the performance of our vacuums and pleased the carpet industry is distinguishing effective vacuums from those that do not perform well,” said Matt Wood, President.  “Our focus is on satisfying our customers, and the gold Seal of Approval is proof that our product delivers.”

  The CRI vacuum testing protocol for household and commercials carpets uses sophisticated x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to measure the precise amount of soil removed from a carpet sample.  XRF was developed by private industry and enhanced by NASA for the Space Shuttle program.

  “Regular vacuuming with a CRI-approved machine is one of the best ways to help maintain the life and beauty of a carpet,” said Werner Braun, CRI president.  “Carpet also traps dust and other air pollutants that fall to the floor.  So regular vacuuming also helps remove these from the indoor environment.”

  CRI created its Seal of Approval/Green Label to combine the indoor air quality protection of its Green Label vacuum testing and certification program with the enhanced cleaning standards of its Seal of Approval program.  The soil removal standard for a bronze rating is 10 percent greater than the standard used in CRI’s previous vacuum testing program, and the standards for silver and gold ratings are even higher.  Also, gold-rated vacuums must meet a new, higher ambient air quality standard.

  Underscoring the value that carpet manufacturers place on quality cleaning products, some of the largest manufacturers have tied their warranties to the use of CRI Seal of Approval-certified cleaning products.