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Racine Industries celebrates 30th anniversary of HOST school

January 30, 2008

RACINE, Wis. (January 22, 2008) - Since 1978, Racine Industries Inc., manufacturer of the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System, has taught more than 22,750 industry professionals from around the world at their HOST School.

The HOST School training and certification program was started with the goal of providing industry professionals with the knowledge they need to properly use the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System along with a comprehensive overview of carpet cleaning and maintenance.  Today's certification program is centered around the Complete Guide to Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance for the Professional, written by Geoff Greeley, director of marketing and training for Racine Industries, Inc.  Since 1998, more than 10,000 copies of the training manual have been distributed to School attendees and HOST customers.

"We have always felt that the HOST System is a culture shock experience," said Greeley.  "It's such a distinctive product that it requires some education and demonstration for users to truly understand how it works." 

The company learned early on that understanding dry carpet cleaning means understanding carpet and its fibers; how they were made and how they react to dirt, soil, spots and spills.  From that, the HOST School was created.  Racine Industries, Inc. has held more than 1,490 classes, many of them in a 5,800 square foot classroom that seats 20 carpet care professionals.  The school has also been held throughout the country and around the world having been in 43 states and 37 countries.

The challenge of translating the educational information into other languages led to the opening of two permanent schools in Japan and China.

The Japanese HOST School, managed by Neotech, HOST distributor in Japan, recently celebrated 20 years of classes while the Chinese HOST School, managed by Xing Mei Hao, HOST distributor in Shanghai, has celebrated six years of education.

Attendees of the HOST School are typically professional cleaners with representatives in healthcare, hospitality and education markets along with professionals from the carpet and retail trade industries.

Over the years there have been many HOST instructors, all under the leadership of Greeley.  Greeley has worked for Racine Industries for 32 years, traveling the world training customers and distributors. He developed the HOST School carpet cleaning college, which is a recognized and respected industry educational program. The School is currently taught and managed by Deborah Lema, Racine Industries' research and education associate.  Lema also works in the environmental arena and incorporates "green" lessons into her classes.

"We are privileged to have had such great success for 30 years," said Lema.  "We take pride in our exclusive product and look forward to sharing its advantages and our extensive cleaning knowledge for years to come."