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Research Institute to Help Standards Setting Organizations

April 28, 2005
Albany, NY - The newly formed Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) today hailed the new "Green" cleaning certification programs - such as those recently announced by ManageMen and Green Seal - as exactly the kind of industry initiatives needed to promote public interest in scientific research and the connection between cleaning and healthy indoor environments.

"The movement to create a cleaning industry research institute is gaining steam quickly," said Jim Harris, Sr., interim Chairman for CIRI, "and we enthusiastically welcome the two proposals to establish Green Cleaning standards because we see them as additional evidence of the increasing demand for a new approach to cleaning and maintenance practices based on scientific research and the application of approved procedures that enhance public health."

"CIRI will not be in the business of providing certification," Harris continued. "Rather, our goal will be to identify or instigate the type of research that can help support and provide scientific criteria for these and other certification programs."

"Our Mission & Vision sub-committee recently completed its work," noted Frank Wiley, interim Executive Director. "We talked specifically about CIRI's role in cleaning certification programs. As stated in our proposed Mission, we included the following objective: ‘To provide credible research to help standards setting organizations develop and disseminate cleaning and maintenance best practices'."

CIRI does not favor, or recommend, one of the two recently announced cleaning certification programs - (OS1) or Green Seal - over the other. Rather, the Institute plans to provide strong science-based research on cleaning practices that these organizations, and others, can use to help establish the best cleaning practices.

CIRI is currently in the early development stages, with sub-committees working to finalize the Vision & Mission, create first year goals and budgets, and write bylaws. These will be presented to the CIRI Steering Committee for approval at their second meeting on June 21 and 22. CIRI will then schedule a major industry meeting in the fall, to introduce the Institute to the overall JanSan industry.