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August 2, 2007

A little more than a month from now, the 2007 Connections Convention and Trade Show will fling wide its doors and welcome the collective mass of cleaners, restorers, distributors, manufacturers and others who have made their way to the Las Vegas Hilton.

In case you are not familiar with the show, the Connections Convention, Sept. 12-14, is “the most comprehensive and single largest event in our industry. This event brings together the entire industry at one place for education, updates, new product introductions, and the opportunity to meet your competition, make new friends and have a great time!”

(Now, this description was taken from the official Connections Web site at www.connectionsconvention.org, so there might be just a tiny bit of bias in what some might be inclined to describe as its overly positive nature.)

But strip away the hype and hoopla and one fact remains: this is the premier event in the cleaning and restoration industry. Nowhere else will you find an intermingling of products, people and ideas of this magnitude in such close proximity. The speaker lineup includes names like Ken Rothmel; Tim Baker; Dr. Ellen Amirkhan; Aaron Groseclose; Werner Braun; John Banta; Barry Costa; David Dybdahl; Phil Rosebrook and John Holibaugh. There will be programs presented by DriEaz Products; CTI Pro’s Choice; Jon-Don; Prochem; Phenomenal Products; Chemspec; CodeBlue and Prestige Stone Solutions.
It’s a fantastic agenda, and that’s not even taking the trade show into consideration…but sometimes, sometimes the best part of an event like this is the chance you have to sit down at breakfast, pull up a chair at lunch or settle onto a stool at the bar one evening and end up in a conversation with another pro you may not know very well, or even at all; someone from another city, county or state, someone whose business may be larger or smaller than yours, who may offer different services or market to a different clientele, someone whose ideas and approaches may be similar to or completely different than your own.

In short, someone who just might be able to help you better your best. And that’s what events like Connections are all about.