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Rug man cleans up

October 27, 2009

To scare up business, one Roanoke County carpet cleaner uses the screaming pig approach.

"You're walking through the jungles, and there's a herd of pigs," said Drew Lucas, the owner of Certified Carpet Cleaners, describing a scene from a wildlife TV show. "If you run from them or stand still, they'll attack you.

"But if you run straight at them screaming loud, they'll scatter and run."

That's his advertising strategy -- to run screaming toward his customers, though in this case he hopes they'll call for help rather than run for cover. For the first time in his 19 years of business, he's blasted about 105,000 households in the Roanoke Valley with direct-mail fliers eight times since September 2008, at a cost of $1,400.