ICS Magazine

Rug Summit a Smashing Success

September 8, 2009

The Rug Summit, an educational event sponsored by Centrum Force, was held Sept. 4-5 in Ann Arbor, Mich. Keynote speaker Jeff Jones set the tone for the event with his presentation, “Are You a Rug Warrior?” Jeff also closed day two with the final talk, “Fear or Not to Fear?” wherein it was made clear that there is no rug to run from if you have effective training and discipline to complete the mission/task.

The event drew attendees from as far away as Victoria, BC. The owner of Denmark's largest rug-washer-plant also stopped by. A number of folks from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kansas also made the journey.

“It was our way of giving back to the industry and helping some companies that have bought our equipment, as well as and a select number of others,” Centrum Force’s Tom Monahan said. “It was by invitation only. The quality of teaching was high, and the humility was obvious. It truly was a sharing of ideas for the purpose of helping those in the audience to succeed.”