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Sapphire Scientific releases innovative carpet cleaning system

June 18, 2009

June 17, 2009 – Prescott, Ariz. – Sapphire Scientific has released a new line of carpet cleaning detergents intended to simplify life for professional carpet cleaners.

“We designed the system to be simple,” said Joe Domin, Senior Research Chemist for Sapphire. “Many carpet cleaners are carrying around a dozen or more chemicals to address various cleaning challenges, and we wanted to streamline the system.” Domin, lead developer of the new line, brings over four decades of chemical development experience to Sapphire.

The Sapphire system not only helps reduce inventory overhead – a significant challenge for carpet cleaning companies – but also greatly simplifies the carpet cleaning process. “The marketplace has become crowded with specialty products,” said Domin. “We wanted a system that covered the broadest range of situations with the fewest number of products.”

The line includes DynaForce Concentrated Carpet Detergent, Surge Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner, Fiber Soft Rapid Rinse and Cleaner. These products are designed to work by themselves or in special combinations to provide complete cleaning and thorough rinsing in a wide variety of soiling conditions and carpet types. Sapphire also offers Amped, an enzyme-based detergent booster created to enhance the ability of Sapphire detergents to tackle severe soiling situations and tough protein-based stains.

Also unique to Sapphire is the use of a single “signature” fragrance throughout its line of carpet cleaning products. “Working with one scent across the product line means that the use of our products will not create unintended or overpowering scent combinations,” said Domin. DynaForce, Surge and Fiber Soft products include the signature scent. Amped, because it is intended to be added to the other Sapphire products, does not contain an added fragrance.

Sapphire cleaning products are available from Sapphire, BLUEline and ProRestore distributors. Additional Sapphire Scientific products are already under development, including an expanded line of cleaning products as well as a series of carpet cleaning truckmounts and accessories. Visit www.sapphirescientific.com for details.