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Sapphire Scientific sets new standard for customer protection

February 9, 2010

February 8, 2010 – Prescott, Ariz. – Over the past several months, Sapphire Scientific has been quietly raising the bar for carpet cleaning truckmount and accessory warranties.

  On May 1, 2009, Sapphire established an industry benchmark warranty on its truckmounts: two years parts and labor from the date of installation. Then, in November, Sapphire enhanced the warranty to cover certain wear parts such as seals, O-rings, etc. The only items not covered under the new warranty are maintenance and tune-up consumables such as lubricants, oil and air filters, spark plugs, and paint, although blower drive belts are limited to 500 hours. The coverage on the recovery tank and frame has been extended to an impressive five years.

  Sapphire accessories purchased with the truckmount, such as the Stryker Wand and the CDV Filter box, are also covered by the two-year warranty.

  “Most truckmount manufacturers exclude the parts that are prone to failure. But our customers use their equipment hard. They depend on them to work. Every day a machine is in the shop is a day of lost revenue,” said Jon Simmons, Manager of Customer Relations.

  “We are proud of the fact that the Sapphire warranty offers the strongest protection in the industry,” said Simmons. “This warranty is a reflection of our confidence in the quality and durability of our machines and our commitment to customer satisfaction.”

  The Sapphire line of truckmounts is the result of tapping into the 30-plus years of truckmount design experience of Mike Roden, VP of Engineering. Roden has refined and improved several key aspects of truckmount technology for Sapphire. The truckmounts include a patent-pending heat exchange design and an ingenious system that cools the belts by directing air through the frame itself.

  The units also use fewer parts than comparable units, plus a “Short Reach Service” design, which provides easy access to all serviceable parts.

  Sapphire truckmounts are available through distributors listed in the How to Buy section of the SapphireScientific.com website. Online warranty registration available for all Sapphire and BLUEline equipment is also available at the site.

  Sapphire Scientific has also developed a safer and more effective line of carpet cleaning chemicals. Visit www.sapphirescientific.com for more details.