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Sapphire Scientific truckmounts roll off the line

June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009 – Prescott, Ariz. – Sapphire Scientific is changing the face of truckmounts with its new line of powerful but streamlined carpet cleaning machines. Units began shipping last week to Sapphire distributors throughout North America.

Designed and manufactured in Prescott, Ariz., the 270SS and the 370SS truckmounts both feature a slim profile yet with the power and features found only on much larger machines. “Over the last ten years, truckmounts have just been getting bigger,” said Thom Fielding, Truckmount Product Manager. “We wanted to develop machines that delivered comparable performance with a much smaller profile that could fit in today’s more economical vehicles.”

Sapphire truckmounts are significantly smaller than the closest competitors, yet the units have all the heat and vacuum power and other features customers need to expertly clean carpets. Utilizing time-tested components from Gardner Denver, CAT, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler and other industry-leading suppliers, Sapphire truckmounts provide the high performance and reliability that operators count on.

Tapping into the thirty-plus years of experience of truckmount experts like Mike Roden, VP of Engineering, Sapphire Scientific has innovated several new features, including a patent-pending heat exchange design and an ingenious system that cools the belts by directing air through the frame itself. This creative engineering addresses a common concern of operators, who lose time and income every time they must replace a failed belt.

The units use fewer parts than comparable units, greatly simplifying maintenance. Both units feature “Short Reach Service” design, which provides each access to all serviceable parts. “Every user-serviceable item is within 8 inches of the exterior,” said Roden. “That’ll save a lot of skinned knuckles – and a lot of time and frustration.”

Sapphire truckmounts are available through distributors listed in the Distributor Search section of the sapphirescientific.com website.

Sapphire Scientific also offers a line of carpet cleaning chemicals, and will soon extend its line of truckmounts and specialty accessories. Visit www.sapphirescientific.com for more details.