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Savelle selected as one of Southwest Georgia's "40 Under 40"

April 27, 2011

Jenny Savelle, CEO of Bishop Clean Care, Inc. has been selected as one of Southwest Georgia’s “40 Under 40.”

Savelle, 31, says, “I am a joint owner of Bishop Clean Care, Inc. with my husband Jud Savelle. The business was founded by his grandfather in Albany in 1952, and we purchased the business from his mother in 2010. As CEO I am responsible for company and financial strategy, human resource planning, account management and business development. With a background in Industrial Engineering, continuous process improvement is always in my job scope.

“Running your own business requires so much attention to many details and aspects of your work. What makes my job challenging is staying focused on my daily duties as well as long term vision. It is very easy to get caught up in a firefighting mode. It is important to prioritize, be proactive, and delegate when possible. Additionally, to set time aside on a regular basis for recap, planning, and strategy purposes.”