ICS Magazine

ScheduleOnline goes Gold

January 29, 2001
San Diego -- ScheduleOnline Inc. has premiered ScheduleOnline Gold, a scheduling, resource planning, and collaboration website. The company has also started testing of its program for ScheduleOnline Reservations, an optional component that allows service providers such as carpet cleaners, plumbers, and chiropractors to offer 24/7 online reservation and appointment booking options to customers. The company also announced that it has become an American Express Blue for Business e-Solutions partner. American Express will market ScheduleOnline Reservations to its Blue for Business card holders through a co-marketing partnership, and ScheduleOnline will offer special pricing for ScheduleOnline Reservations exclusively to Blue for Business merchants.

ScheduleOnline Gold allows users to schedule with, or be scheduled by, users from a wide range of work or social contacts: vendors, customers, friends and family, community group members, and workers of multiple companies. Each user is synchronized through a single calendar that checks availability of people and resources in real-time. ScheduleOnline Gold is designed to eliminate the necessity to maintain multiple calendars and to offer more than client-server scheduling applications that only allow users in a single company to schedule with each other and require computer-specific client software. The company promises service businesses to be able to offer 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week reservation and booking capabilities with its Beta program. Carpet Tech, a Los Angeles-based company rolling out a national network of associated carpet cleaning companies, was one of the early testers of ScheduleOnline Reservations module.