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Shaw Industries Makes Groundbreaking Announcement

January 12, 2006
Shaw Industries made a groundbreaking announcement during the Connections Convention in Las Vegas in September 2005 regarding the use of IICRC-certified firms and technicians. Beginning Jan. 1, 2008, Shaw will mandate that only IICRC Certified Firms and Technicians be allowed to perform cleaning on their carpets.

Carey Mitchell, technical director for Shaw Industries, said the use of IICRC-certified firms and technicians will be tied directly to new carpet warranties. In other words, consumers would be required to use IICRC-certified cleaners in order to keep their carpet warranties in effect.

Werner Braun, Carpet and Rug Institute president, reiterated the announcement during his presentation on the new CRI Seal of Approval program, which uses NASA-based X-ray Fluorescent Technology, or XRF. Ken Macintosh, director at the CRI, said, "The new testing protocol, which rates cleaning products and equipment, and the referral from Shaw, will take the carpet care industry to the next level".

Braun, Mitchell and the staff at Shaw, and the CRI are longtime supporters of the IICRC, and appear to have been the final link in bridging the gap between the carpet manufacturers and the cleaning industry.

IICRC technical advisor Jeff Bishop, vice chair Ruth Travis, past presidents Mike West, Mike Lynch, Dan Bernazzani, Dane Gregory and Lee Zimmerman, as well as all the IICRC volunteers, like Cy Gant, deserve a big "Thank you," because it was their vision and persistence that helped make this recommendation a reality.

The 2005 Connections Convention proved to be the best show ever, with record-breaking attendance and educational programs that kept many attendees in Las Vegas for up to seven days. Larry Cooper, Dennis Iverson and the entire Connections Team did an outstanding job, and have the best interests of the association at heart, making Connections the place to be for the cleaning and restoration industry.

During the convention the IICRC added 15 new certified firms and was able to promote and pre-sell the upcoming, newly revised S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. The S500 will prove to be the IICRC's best effort ever in standards writing. Two days prior to the start of Connections, IICRC officially became an ANSI-accredited Standards Writing Organization. This puts the IICRC in the strategic position as the "Standard of Care for the Cleaning and Restoration Industry"

IICRC Standards Consultant Larry Cooper and Standards Committee Chair Barry Costa have worked very hard to achieve this goal, and will now submit S500 and the S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation to ANSI for individual standard accreditation.

Coupled with the announcement from Shaw Industries about the use of IICRC-certified firms, the ANSI accreditation will change the way that the cleaning and restoration industry does business. It will change the perception of the carpet cleaning industry in the eyes of the consuming public; it will capture even more credibility for restoration contractors in the eyes of the insurance industry; and will no doubt, make our standards known around the world.

Thanks to everyone involved, you continue to make a difference.