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Shaw Unveils Three New Lines

June 17, 2003
DALTON, Ga., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Shaw S/C, a leader in carpet design and sustainability, is proud to bring three innovative lines to the floor covering industry. The three new lines utilize state-of-the-art technology to pair forward-thinking design patterns with intensive-use quality in the new broadloom and tile lines flux, Space Matters and A Walk in the Garden: The William McDonough Design Portfolio.

Shaw Contract, in collaboration with lauckgroup, a Dallas-based interior architecture firm, brings large-scale architectural imagery to floor covering with flux systems program, an edgy broadloom collection with a modular carpet component. Shaw Tek introduces Space Matters, a collection offering exciting styling for intensive-use environments including classrooms, lobbies, shops and offices. A Walk in the Garden: The William McDonough Design Portfolio is a collaborative effort between Shaw Tile and William McDonough, one of the world's foremost architects and designers.

"We're extremely proud of these three new lines," said Hal Long, executive vice president of Shaw. "Their creation speaks volumes to Shaw's leadership in the carpet industry in the areas of design, technology, performance and environmental sustainability. We're serious about being a leader in the industry in those four areas and with these lines, we're showing it."

A Walk in the Garden: The William McDonough Design Portfolio is a modular carpet portfolio that literally leaves a healthy environmental footprint. The portfolio translates photographic images of McDonough's walk through a garden in China into a cradle-to-cradle, floor covering product. The cradle-to- cradle design framework is a revolutionary approach to carpet design adopted by Shaw that allows the carpet, rather than being recycled into other materials at the end of its life cycle, to be remade into carpet. Carpet fibers are recycled back into carpet fibers and carpet backing is returned to carpet backing, thereby making our environment eminently more sustainable.

The natural and rhythmic design patterns of flux are inspired by the sea, sky and earth. The carpet utilizes gradients of shadow and light creating a striking design element. Designers who want something more than simple floor covering will find that this introduction will work synergistically with the architecture, becoming part of the holistic design of a space.

Space Matters is program that combines performance and design, with a pattern range that delivers infinite flexibility. This easy-to-use program is built upon the belief that great aesthetics can completely change the mood of the interior. The line offers 26 patterns, 26 colorways, and a high performance backing. The program features two fibers options; Solutia Ultron Color, and Eco Solution Q Premium Nylon -- a cradle-to-cradle recyclable fiber. This program, developed for intensive use environments, says your Space Matters.