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"Shockingly" Safe and Clean - from Enviro-Solutions

November 12, 2007

The Swiss Chalet is one of Canada’s leading family restaurants and is best known for its unique rotisserie chicken developed more than 50 years ago. Not only is the food good, but the Swiss Chalets are all known for being clean and healthy, the perfect place for a good family meal.

However, one of the locations in the heart of Canada was developing a rather serious floor-care problem. After years of use, the grout and tile floors were becoming soiled, discolored, and slippery, enough so that they were posing a safety hazard. The floor had a coefficient of friction (COF) of only 0.2 instead of the standard and much safer 0.5.

The owners tried heavy-duty degreaser to see if that could clean the floor and make it less slippery. However, there was little improvement. Next a citrus cleaner was used, as well as a full-concentrate etching acid, but the floor looked as soiled as ever and was still too slippery for staff and patrons.

Looking for help, they contacted their local distributor who referred them to ES 685 from Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of Green cleaning chemicals.

Known as the “Night Shocker,” ES 685 is a microbial, pH-neutral, powder floor wash that reduces slipperiness, cleans and brightens grout, minimizes scrubbing, and eliminates odors. It’s so powerful, it even aids in destroying the nesting areas of flies and insects, helping to keep pests away without the use of pesticides.

ES 685 was mopped onto the floors at the Swiss Chalet. After just one cleaning, the COF was brought up to .5, meeting local floor safety requirements. “What’s more, the floor looked great,” said Hagedorn. “They loved [ES 685] so much, they bought a case right on site.”