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SOA XRF Test Protocol Gets Space Foundation Hall of Fame Nomination

September 1, 2005
DALTON, GA - August 29, 2005 - Kevin Cook, Space Foundation Director of Brand Management, confirmed "Quantitative Evaluation Techniques for Carpet Cleaning Procedures using enhanced XRF Fluorescence Spectroscopy" has been nominated for the 2006 Space Foundation Space Technology Hall of Fame. The nominees are Robert Shannon, Ph.D. and Lloyd Starks of KeyMaster Technologies, Inc. in Kennewick, Washington, and Gary Asbury and Lloyd Cooper of Professional Testing Labs in Dalton, Georgia. Mr. Cook also confirmed the nomination acknowledges the contributions of the Carpet and Rug Institute and KeyMaster Technologies, Inc.

"The Space Foundation has received a number of excellent nominations for "down to Earth" technologies to be considered for induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame and we are pleased to have the XRF technology among them. The 52 technologies currently in the Hall of Fame are great examples of why what we do in space matters on Earth," said Cook.

The development of the new technology was commissioned by the CRI to create a new test methodology to evaluate the performance of carpet cleaning equipment and systems. The CRI has incorporated the new technology into a Seal of Approval program which will be unveiled September 12, 2005 at the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

The "launch" event is being hosted by the NASA Southeast Regional Technology Transfer Center, The Carpet and Rug Institute, The Space Foundation, The John F. Kennedy Space Center, and The Marshall Space Flight Center.

"We're extremely honored to be part of the Space Foundation Hall of Fame nomination. This is the first time an entire commercial industry has been able to benefit from a NASA-certified technology and we're very excited about what it means not only to us, but more importantly, what it means to the consumer. This is a wonderful example of how private industry can partner with NASA to make life here on Earth better for everyone. What a win-win situation," said Werner Braun, CRI president.