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SteamMaster Restoration & Cleaning Named 2008 Business of the Year

January 6, 2009

MINTURN, COLORADO – December 17, 2008: SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning LLC has received the 2008 Business of the Year at the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Extravaganza.

“We’re honored to receive a prestigious award,” Gary Gilman, company president, said. “Earning the award was the result of the hard work and dedication of our staff of 45 employees. 2008 is also the 30th anniversary of SteamMaster, so it’s a very special anniversary gift for us”

Once SteamMaster was named as a finalist, the chamber then requested letters of recommendation from the company’s employees. Div Manula, Director of Sales, mentioned the “I can help” spirit of SteamMaster in his letter. “Integrity and a true interest in providing solutions for people with problems in our local area is the culture of the organization,” wrote Manula. “I have seen and experienced a true interest in the employees and the creating of processes to support and encourage their growth and happiness.”

Over 200 people were in attendance on December 13 to see the chamber present awards to the Business of the Year, Co-Citizens of the Year and the New Business of the Year. The Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit representing businesses based in and serving the western Eagle Valley.