ICS Magazine


April 10, 2008

The days of struggling to tab furniture are over. Sticky-Tabs are easy-to-apply, 3-by-3½-inch plastic tabs with removable adhesive on one side.

The problem with tabs has always been having them stay in place when you move the furniture. If the tabs move, you’re in danger of expensive furniture stains or re-cleanings. Sticky-Tabs solve this problem brilliantly. Simply pull the perforated tabs off the 100-foot roll and apply them sticky-side up to the furniture. Now slide the furniture back and forth to make pre-spray and extraction easy.

Sticky-Tabs make you more efficient. Tab all the furniture in the house before cleaning and pull it out. After cleaning, simply slide the furniture back and you’re done. No more “wet knees” from tabbing furniture in tight places; apply Sticky-Tabs in the middle of the room and then slide the furniture back.

Ever had trouble trying to line up a rocking chair with Styrofoam blocks? Just pull off a strip of Sticky-Tabs and apply it to the rail; no more guessing where to line up the blocks. Ever had a problem putting tabs under a sectional that is in the corner of a room? Apply Sticky-Tabs to the sectional in the middle of the room, slide it back into the corner and you are all done. Tabbing has always been one of the most annoying things to do when carpet cleaning. Sticky-Tabs makes tabbing furniture easy. For more information go to www.sticky-tabs.com.