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Striking Janitors Stop Traffic, Get Arrested

October 25, 2000
Four striking janitors were arrested by Stamford Police on Monday night at a rally across from the Stamford train station. Janitors gathered there to voice their frustration with Fairfield County cleaning contractors who will not negotiate a fair contract. The janitors stopped traffic in front of the train station as commuters rushed to get home.

Janitors Plinio Cabrera, Victor Pacheco, Ludivia Espinal, and Martha Motato were charged with obstructing free passage. SEIU Local 531 President Kurt Westby was also arrested. SEIU Local 531 represents janitors in Hartford and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Janitors who clean commercial office buildings in Fairfield County walked off the job on October 2. The strike is affecting buildings in Shelton, Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Greenwich. The janitors are seeking living wages, affordable health insurance, and full-time work.

Talks between the cleaning contractors and janitors are scheduled for Wednesday, October 25.