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Survey says touchless technology more effective than traditional methods

August 20, 2009

A report titled “Cleaning Effectiveness of the Spray-and-Squeegee Touchless Cleaning Systems Versus Conventional Mopping,” was recently conducted by Cincinnati-based Advanced Testing Laboratory to test the effectiveness of spray-and-squeegee touchless cleaning technology against string and flat mops.

The results of the study found that spray-and-squeegee touchless cleaning technology showed dramatically cleaner tile and grout surfaces in restrooms when compared to cleaning those surfaces with string or flat mops.

“The benefits of time-savings and the reduction in physical stress when using spray-and-squeegee technology are plain to see and document,” said Bradley Drury, product manager at Hydro Systems. “Now, with the results of this study, there can be no question that cleaning your restroom facilities with a [spray-and squeegee] unit will result in a much, much cleaner and more sanitary facility when compared with traditional mop-and-bucket cleaning methods.”