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Survey Suggests "Going Mobile" is Smart Thinking

May 8, 2012

We recently stumbled across this piece in the Detroit Free Press that certainly gives credibility to “going mobile” and why it’s not only important to have mobile phones for your employees, but also to have a mobile website, and possibly even a mobile app for your business.

From the Free Press: “In the latest Pew survey of life in our online world, 86% of smartphone owners and 70% of cell phone owners said they had used their phones to arrange a meeting with multiple friends or associates, solve a problem, settle an argument, get transportation or traffic information and to make a decision about where to go or what to do. The survey was conducted March 15-April 3, by phone of course, among 2,254 people over age 18 across the country. Pew said 1,351 were interviewed on landlines and 903 on cell phones, including more than 400 who said they did not have a landline phone.”

Check out the full story and the other statistics listed by clicking here.