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Take Advantage of Free Advertising With Social Media

September 21, 2009

Are you getting cleaning jobs online? Maybe some, but not as many as you’d like? Here are some ways to get free cleaning jobs with social media.

Are you getting cleaning jobs online? Maybe some, but not as many as you’d like? Here are some ways to get free cleaning jobs with social media.

Each year the internet becomes more social. The amazing feature of the Net is the ability to interact with your favorite shows, movies, actors, friends, and businesses. That's where social media comes in handy.

Are you an online socialite? It isn't difficult. Here are some ways to increase your online social status:

This is one of the hottest sites for local online traffic and social networking. You can blog about your company and leave links back to your website. Go towww.merchantcircle.com to sign up.

First create a personal profile at www.facebook.com. Then create a fan page for your company at www. facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/create.php. After that, put up link on your blog or home page that allows web surfers to become a fan. Also, send a message to all your Facebook friends asking them to become a fan.

Hot Frog
Now here's a great way to get a free listing that may show up in the top ten of searches for your city. Go to www.hotfrog.com and register now.

Here's a hot new social media site. The best part about Squidoo is you can add Youtube videos on your lens (Squidoo calls your webpage a "lens"). Your Youtube videos will rank higher and may even show up on the top of your search results. To create your lens, go to www.squidoo.com

A great way to interact with other businesses is LinkedIn. If you do commercial work, Linked In can be a huge way to get to know prospects. Start by befriending other business manager and owners in your area. Then attach your cleaning blog to your profile page. It's an easy way to get testimonials from clients. Set up a profile at www.linkedin.com

Use Twitter to interact on a large scale with dozens or thousands of people at a time. Here's the trick though, you need a free application called Tweetdeck to make sense of Twitter. Tweetdeck helps keep track of your comments and posts. Otherwise, you get lost in the posting insanity. Get a Twitter page at www.twitter.com and then www.tweetdeck.com/beta for your Tweetdeck.

Local Bulletin Boards
Find a local bulletin board and make posts about cleaning when appropriate. Just do a Google search for "Bulletin Board (Your city)".

In addition to your regular website, you should have a blog website. It's best to have a blog that is on your own separate domain name. Your web designer can easily set this up for you. Use your blog to tell about what's going on in your company. Routinely ask for comments to your blog posts to encourage social interaction.

Don't worry about Myspace. It's not geared for our target audience.

Don't use social media as a stage to sell. Remember, people who get on social media sites are looking for ways to interact. Instead, use it as a stage to allow your prospects to get to know you.

Sure, you can make sales offers on occasion. But don't turn it into a sales pitch every time you make a post. Social media is best when you use it to tell the story of you and your company. Give informative tips. Occasionally let them in on some special offers.

If you use it right, you'll gain new cleaning clients. Plus, your website ranking can be improved when you create a link from a social media site to your website. It's free, so use it!