ICS Magazine

Taking Massive Action

June 6, 2011

Bill Gates said that the key to success is “Being in the right industry at the right time and taking massive action.”

What do you consider to be massive action?

The best way to honestly answer that question is to ask yourself, “Are you taking massive action today?” If the answer is yes, you are probably on your way to great success. If your answer is no, why is that? Was today the exception, or are you fooling yourself and living in a “One day I’ll do it” illusion?

Those of us who are in the cleaning and restoration industry are in the right industry at the right time. Unlike many other businesses, we have not been hurt that badly by the recession. Floors continue to get soiled and pipes continue to burst. Someone needs to clean up the mess, whether the economy is bad or good. We are in the right industry because we can have healthy profit margins, anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.

We can charge the same per hour rate as an electrician, plumber, or HVAC technician. This is a tremendous truth in our favor because it takes about a month to train one of our technicians while in those other industries it takes years. Yes, we are in the right industry at the right time, so take advantage of this wonderful situation by taking massive action!

In the movie that chronicled the beginnings of Facebook, The Social Network, the actor who portrayed founder Mark Zuckerberg is seen time and time again racing back to his dorm room immediately after he gets a new idea. Right away he’s implementing his ideas and staying with the process until it is accomplished… even if he has to stay up all night.

If you are getting great ideas, are you doing all you can to get them up and running? Many people have fantastic thoughts and plans, but only a small minority actually takes the time and effort to bring them about. When a fabulous idea comes to you, do you take immediate action? Do you have a notebook or something on you to write and store ideas so that they don’t get forgotten? I use the notes feature on my iPhone just about every single day.

How committed are you to seeing good marketing or organizational thoughts become reality? When Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft, they were famous for staying at their desks and working 24 hours a day, sleeping right there at their desks. They were obsessed and willing to pay the price to make their dream come true. Do you have that same sort of obsessive drive and ambition? Are you willing to take the same kind of massive action that they did?

What does massive action look like to you? Does it mean working ten to twelve hours a day? Does it mean getting up at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning? Does it mean working 6 days a week? Does it mean reducing or eliminating TV time? Does it mean calling on far more prospects than you are currently? Does it mean planning out a full work schedule and then actually doing that schedule? You see, taking action is one thing, but taking massive action is something else altogether. Believe me, action is good, but massive action is…well…it’s massive!

What about the action you are taking compared to your competitors? Comparing yourself to others does have its limits and pitfalls, but in this case you want to make sure that someone else is not outdoing you and putting you at a disadvantage. If you own a business, are your competitors pounding the pavement more than you and seeing more prospects? Why would you want that to happen? If Bill Gates said taking massive action is critical to success, I think we ought to take heed.

Stop for a minute and ponder the reasons, excuses or obstacles why you are not taking massive action. Is it pure laziness? A lack of focus or discipline? Low energy? Or might there be actual obstacles, such as being laid up in the hospital? There are excuses and there are obstacles, but today would be a good day to examine yourself and determine what is holding you back from taking massive action.