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Technology in Cleaning and Restoration

December 11, 2008

Professional cleaning and restoration technicians are always searching for equipment and technology to help them do their jobs better and more efficiently. For the sixth consecutive year, ICS Cleaning Specialist looks at some of the innovative equipment and technologies making their way into the industry.

Now keep in mind, this is not a “Best of the Best” list; it is a chance to see and read about some of the innovations making their way to the marketplace.

Principles and long-accepted methodologies need not be shattered in order for something to be innovative. Some may have already seen much this technology at various trade shows and exhibitions, while others are getting their first look at what the cleaning and restoration industries have to say about some of the latest developments as we head into 2009.

Vx 670 from M Austin Enterprises

The Vx 670 is the smallest all-in-one handheld payment device that is specifically for wireless, customer-facing payment – on the spot. The Vx 670 offers the largest user interface for an all-in-one payment system–with a large, white backlit display and large blue backlit keys. In addition, its purpose inspired design – focused on real world usage – is rugged, drop- resistant, and spill-resistant to hold up to the most demanding conditions. Wi-Fi and GPRS wireless technology options are perfect for accepting payment anywhere your business takes you. It securely handles credit and PIN-based debit cards with a vertical mag-stripe reader, and has optional smart card support.  

DryAdvise from ITEL

A new tool for maximizing drying efficiency, the DryAdvise process works as follows: you record material and psychrometric measurements using the DryAdvise Water Mitigation Form. Submit measurements by fax, phone, email or upload to the DryAdvise web portal.

Within just two hours, we’ll send a Daily Drying Advisory to the recipients of your choosing. Repeat steps 1-3 until all drying goals have been met based on the IICRC S500 Standard. Our daily monitoring process helps both contractors and adjusters feel confident that drying is proceeding efficiently.

Water Event Manager from Loss Technologies Service

Water Event Manager is an intelligent online model that validates structural drying project scope and pricing for water loss claims. WEM uses proprietary algorithms based on industry guidelines, including the IICRC S500 and is fully compatible with Xactware®’s estimating software, Xactimate®, and its online claims management network, XactAnalysis®.

Users benefit from objective, real-time validation of water loss services that result in efficient claims cycle time and appropriate costs.

PDS- 21 from Viking Equipment Co.

Viking’s new patent-pending pressurized drying system makes drying wall cavities easier and less frustrating tan before. Perfect for under sinks, behind cabinets and permanent furniture, it’s portability makes drying a breeze. All-in-one containment allows the operator simple, on-the-go equipment. Just bore a ½-inch hole, plug in the end hose and begin drying. An onboard plug-off system makes plugging unused tubes simple.  

Tennant Co's ec-H20

Tennant ec-H2O™ is Tennant’s latest innovation that eliminates the need for detergent in Tennant scrubbers. ec-H2O™ electrically converts plain tap water to perform like a powerful detergent without any added chemicals. It works most effectively on non-porous floor surfaces and is most suitable for non-petroleum based soils. ec-H2O™ uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods and eliminates the need for detergent for the scrubber.

ec-H2O™ uses only plain tap water so what is left in the recovery tank after scrubbing is only plain water and dirt. 100% of the electrically converted water reverts to neutral tap water which can be handled and disposed of safely.

Continuous Flow Extractor from Rotovac

The new CFX is small and compact, weighs only 39 lbs. and can be carried in one hand or transported in any vehicle. The CFX utilizes Continuous Flow Technology for unlimited nonstop cleaning. As the dirty wastewater enters the recovery tank it is automatically pumped out to the nearest toilet or drain.

An easy, direct faucet hook-up adapter provides for an unlimited clean water supply. The CFX features non-stop high-flow cleaning; auto pump-out at 6 GPM; patent-pending air/water separation system (no defoamer needed), dual high-velocity vac motors 200 CFM and more.

Software Management Solutions from Assured Software

Assured Software’s Complete is built using the most current technology (SQL server, C#, .NET) and is sold in modules designed to meet the needs of the different employee roles.

At the Connections Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Sept. 23-26, the company introduced its first product designed specifically for the carpet cleaning industry at Connections in Las Vegas. Assured Complete Carpet Cleaning provides a tool to manage customers, jobs, and activities from one system with an easy-to use-work order and scheduling system.

ClientRunner Gets Everything - and Everyone - Moving

ClientRunner helps your entire staff get on the same page so everyone is moving in the right direction bringing predictable success to your company. Quickly access any job using the friendly job board view. Each job’s details and history are instantly accessible with a single mouse click.

Whether adding new notes, locating a specific job, or viewing status by estimator, the flexible job board makes it a snap. Create, delegate and track action items to ensure that important tasks are completed and recorded.  As a web-based solution, ClientRunner gives you the ability to always know what’s going on.