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The Ashkin Group, LLC Introduces New Website

May 21, 2008

Bloomington, IN – May 20, 2008 – In its effort to illustrate how Greencleaning can be beneficial to a wide variety of industries, The Ashkin Group LLC has unveiled a new Web site at www.ashkingroup.com that more fully empowers visitors with its incorporation of quick and easy navigation buttons.

The site, launched in April 2008, is a project spearheaded by Ashkintechnology director Eric Hauck.  It offers more information on how Greencleaning is of relevancy to assorted industries such as healthcare,cleaning, and education.

“It has a lot more functionality for users,” explains Hauck.  “We wanted to present Green cleaning in a much more easy to understand format.”

The new site for The Ashkin Group also includes:
  • Extended calendar listings of Stephen Ashkin’s events and speakingengagements in North America and overseas.
  • Recently published articles by Ashkin and members of the AshkinGroup
  • Books written by members of the Ashkin Group
  • Recent e-Alerts discussing Green-related news items
  • Newsletter links to “DestinationGreen,” the organizations monthlynewsletter

The site also includes a handy FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Green cleaning. “We included the FAQ section because we wanted [the Web site] tobe designed for those just now being introduced to Green cleaning as well as those who are pros,”  says Ashkin.  “This is our second Web site and with each one we try to get more inclusive, more helpful, and more informative.”