ICS Magazine


May 3, 2001
I write to you as I return from the spring IICRC Board of Directors meeting recently held in Portsmouth, Va. This meeting was held in conjunction with the Mid-South Professional Carpet Cleaners Association (MSPCA) Annual Convention and Trade Show. This meeting was my fourth opportunity to sit on the board seat held by CCINW. I don’t know if I am becoming mellow with age (I turned 40 on March 18) but I believe this was the most amicable and productive meeting I’ve attended.

The IICRC deals with many issues; however, in this article I will focus on a couple specific items as they relate to CCINW and its members.

As many of you are aware, the CCINW put forth a number of questions to the IICRC on several issues that caused concern to the CCINW’s board of directors. These questions were directed at the IICRC president and the board just prior to the IICRC spring board meeting.

But first, here’s a bit of history on the origin of these questions. During the January 2001 CCINW board of directors meeting held in Langly, British Columbia, the CCINW board discussed at length a number of IICRC issues as they related to the CCINW. The board then directed CCINW president Bryan O’Haleck to craft a letter and questions to the IICRC. Upon completion and review by the CCINW board, the letter was presented to IICRC president Lee Zimmerman directly and to the industry through the media. We, the CCINW board, understood that going to the media and by using the industry bulletin boards may not be received well by many industry leaders. We also believed strongly that many associations and others in our industry shared our concerns.

The IICRC reply from president Zimmerman came prior to the IICRC spring board meeting and was not discussed in formal session by the full board. I do believe the questions we raised had a positive impact on the IICRC and its board of directors as they relate to the Shareholder Trade Associations. The IICRC renewed some programs to help new board members come up to speed faster, with a new board member orientation, and also by assigning a seasoned board member to mentor freshman members.

At the Council of Associations Meeting, which is made up of Shareholder Associations, president Zimmerman, 1st VP Carey Vermeulen, IICRC legal council Mark Hanson, and IICRC executive director and CCINW member Tom Hill, all took time to attend the meeting. These four were able to assist in the process of defining direction for the council. At this meeting, we elected Lisa Wagner of the CFI and myself to co-chair the council. Lisa is a fantastic person from San Diego, Calif., and will provide tireless leadership.

I felt the overall amount of consideration and respect for the trade associations had been renewed. I also believe that this will continue as the IICRC journey moves forward.

Another issue of interest to the CCINW and its members is ASCR’s decision to redeem its shares of IICRC stock. Subsequently, ASCR will lose its seat on the IICRC board. A number of factors contributed to this decision with a major one being ASCR’s desire to be a provider of education and certification, much like the IICRC. At this time we don’t know how, or if it will event impact, the CCINW. I don’t believe it will in any way jeopardize the CCINW’s shareholder status with the IICRC. As always, we remain an entirely separate non-profit corporation from ASCR, with our own by-laws and independent board of directors.

I can assure you, our CCINW members, that it is and always has been the intention of your board to do what is in the best interest of our members. You are the best!