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The industry's first-ever Commercial Carpet Cleaning Symposium set

January 25, 2002
The Textile Cleaners of America will be hosting the first-ever Commercial Carpet Cleaning Symposium, April 4-5, in Broomfield, Colo., sponsored by ICS Cleaning Specialistand Commercial Floor Caremagazines.

ARNOLD, Md. -- The Textile Cleaners of America (www.textilecleaners.com) will be hosting the first-ever Commercial Carpet Cleaning Symposium, April 4-5, in Broomfield, Colo., for experienced commercial cleaning companies and cleaners who are interested in starting a new company.

The symposium is sponsored by ICS Cleaning Specialistmagazine and Commercial Floor Caremagazine. It is designed to give both the experienced commercial cleaning companies and those interested in jump starting a new company the opportunity to learn the basics and get back to the fundamentals that successful commercial cleaning companies have used to build multi-million dollar companies. The program will feature both in-class and hands-on instruction from industry experts.

Featured speakers include Dr. Michael Berry, Barry Costa, Jeff Bishop, Dane Gregory, Carey Vermeulen, Aaron Grosclose, Carey Mitchell and Geoff Greeley, to name a few.

This groundbreaking symposium also offers two IICRC-CEC credits for continuing education.

The TCA Symposium kicks off with a discussion of 'The Future of Commercial Cleaning Services.' Speakers include IICRC president Lee Zimmerman, Broomfield, Colo. Mayor Karen Stuart, Doug McGettigan, Larry Cooper and Doug Bradford.

Discussion topics include 'Specifying Textile Performance as it Relates to...' 'Inspections: How They Effect Your Maintenance Program,' 'The New IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard S100,' 'Niche Marketing and Process Specification: Ask the Professional,' 'Creating a Maintenance Program' and 'Developing & Maintaining Relationships: Your Keys to Success.'

Other discussion topics include: 'Commercial Add-on's,' 'Management of the Commercial Indoor Environment Through Proper Cleaning,' 'Repairing Your Way Into Profits,' Drying Super Structures, Commercial Pricing, The Power of the Sales Presentation to your Client!, Equipment and Detergents Placed in Perspective, and Computer Software and the Internet.

The symposium concludes with a Panel Discussion and Q&A, moderated by ICS Cleaning Specialist and Commercial Floor Care publisher Evan Kessler. Larry Cooper will give the closing remarks.

This program includes both classroom and hands-on training. Participants will be exposed to the leading experts in the commercial carpet cleaning industry. If you have questions, call 888-990-9952. For additional information, to review the symposium agenda or to register online, visit the TCA Web site at www.textilecleaners.com.

Participants can also register directly with the Omni Interlocken Resort by calling toll free, (800) 843-6664.

TCA is a National Network of Independent Commercial Textile Maintenance Specialists, a Network of Accredited Industry Consultants and an E-commerce Business-to-Business Shopping Site. Its mission is to provide corporations with one professional textile cleaning service that can inspect, specify, design and implement a customized textile maintenance program for single offices or multiple locations.