ICS Magazine

The New Faces at the IICRC

August 10, 2005

The IICRC never sleeps. Not for very long that is; right now, there is someone, somewhere working on the IICRC's behalf.

It could be a volunteer writing an e-mail, an Executive Committee member traveling to another city to represent the registrants, a committee volunteer writing a chapter for one of our standards, or someone from headquarters working late, or really early, to meet a deadline tomorrow. The volume of work that goes on is incredible. Sitting in my seat I get to see everything firsthand.

Thanks to the foresight of our Certification Council Chair Joe Dobbins, who leads by example, the IICRC has put many of the industry's top personnel in leadership roles throughout the organization.

Some of the recent additions to an already top-notch group of people include Bob Merkt, chair of the Floor Care Technician TAC. Bob a past board member of the IICRC, brings years of knowledge and experience to the table, and has become an approved instructor in recent years.

Doug Bradford has returned to be Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician, CCMT TAC Chair. Having previously chaired the TAC, Doug left to stay busy and continue to grow his extensive commercial carpet cleaning operation. He is back, and we are glad!

The Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician, FSRT TAC, is now chaired by Cliff Zlotnik, with Gary Funari as co-chair. Both are IICRC-approved instructors and volunteers on the Odor Control and Fire and Smoke TAC's. Cliff is a longtime IICRC board member, as well as sitting on the Applied Microbial Remediation, AMRT, and Applied Structural Drying, ASD, TACs.

Brandon Burton is the new chair for Water Restoration Technician TAC, and Steve Swan is co-chair. Brandon, who is becoming one of the industry's leading instructors for ASD and WRT, is also participating on both of these TACs. He is also currently part of the editing committee for the soon-to-be-released S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Restoration.

Steve Swan has been around the IICRC longer than I have. He was on the board of directors, representing the Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest, when I arrived for my first meeting some 15 years ago. He is also one of our S500 Standard volunteers. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him, from running a cleaning and restoration business to working in education and management for some the industry's largest companies.

The Applied Structural Drying TAC is now chaired by Chris Taylor, a longtime instructor and supporter of IICRC certification, Chris has real world experience when it comes to industry training and hands on drying jobs. He is taking over from Darrell Paulson ,IICRC vice chair, who is moving into the restoration division vice president position.

Our Hard Surface Division Vice Chair, Claudia Lezell, has brought several people into the IICRC, including Stan Hulin, another industry expert now in charge of Resilient Floor Maintenance Technician, RFMT TAC. Having spent six years with DuPont, he has been involved in the floor covering industry for most of his career.

The up-and-coming Wood Floor Maintenance Technician, WFMT course, is being driven by Howard Brickman, industry consultant and trainer. Howard is considered by many to be the expert voice on wood floor maintenance.

Scott Tarr has taken over as the Subfloors and Substrates Introductory, SSI TAC Chairman. He is a senior evaluation engineer with the CTL Group. With the growing education on the importance of a properly cured concrete, it is my opinion that SSI will become one of our premier courses, as everything we inspect, clean and restore is installed over or on top of a subfloor.

In light of new legislation surfacing in Florida affecting companies in the mold remediation industry, I have appointed some people to the Government Affairs Committee, GAC. The GAC is an official IICRC committee, but has never had much to deal with. Representing IICRC first and foremost will be Mark Hansen, our longtime legal council. Mark has already represented us in the Florida case. Joining him will be ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine Publisher Evan Kessler, IICRC past-president Mike Lynch, IICRC administrator Tom Hill, and myself. This group is diverse enough, both in industry and geography, to effectively cover IICRC registrants throughout North America.

So you see, change is the only thing constant at the IICRC. And it would not be possible without all of you, believing in, and supporting the organization. For that, I thank you all.