ICS Magazine

The S520 Road Show

April 15, 2004
Since its inception in December 2003, the S520 has changed the face of the water restoration and mold remediation industries, opening doors to places we've never been before. Suddenly, we have different levels of government, more insurance carriers, and the entire IEQ community looking to the IICRC for guidance in this critical area. And of course, with that comes more attention and recognition for the rest of the IICRC standards, schools, instructors, certified firms and technicians. Talk about a huge benefit!

In an effort to bring a better understanding of the S520 and how it became a reality, a select group of original contributors, headed by IICRC consultant Larry Cooper, is putting on workshops in major cities across the country. This effort has ensured maximum exposure for the new S520 and the IICRC as a whole.

Attendees will hear discussions on health effects; principles of mold remediation; inspections; Structural and Content Remediation and more. Featured speakers and industry leaders, including Dr. Eugene Cole, Carl Grimes, James Holland, Jeff Bishop and IICRC Standards Chair Barry Costa will present attendees with the most up-to-date information as it relates to mold remediation. You'll have the chance to meet some of the original authors of the S520 and hear firsthand discussions on structural and content remediation, earning IICRC Continuing Education Credits to boot.

Time will also be available for attendees to comment on the revision of the IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, which began earlier this year. The revision committee is headed by IICRC director Howard Wolf and long-time supporter and IICRC-approved instructor Rusty Amarante. With the help of many others including Darrell Paulson, Costa, Cliff Grost, and Bob Baker, the revision process for both the S520 and the S500 is calling out for industry input, so it will be a completely open and all-inclusive process. There will be regional association-sponsored events where those interested can take part in this great standard re-writing process. Participation via the Internet is imminent; the standards committee is planning to have a designated area on the IICRC Web site for people to make comment on the various standards, allowing for input from all the industries our standards reach and influence.

To further recognition and acceptance of our standards, the IICRC has joined the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This will increase our credibility and put us in touch with larger standard-writing organizations, with a view toward accreditation for the IICRC as an ANSI-approved standard-writing organization. It will also increase international exposure, ultimately benefiting our international shareholders in Australia, Canada, England and the 16 other countries in which the IICRC has registrants.

IICRC standards continue to shape the "standard of care" for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries during this decade and beyond.

The S520 workshops stops include Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Chicago and San Diego. Log on to www.iicrc.org for more information.