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Thermal Protector saves vacuum motor from overheating

November 20, 2007

To guard against unexpected motor meltdowns, ProTeam has installed a Thermal Protector device in all their vacuums manufactured after September 15th, 2007.

When a ProTeam vacuum motor begins to overheat due to a hose obstruction or if an Intercept Micro Filter is too full, the Thermal Protector will activate to automatically shut off the vacuum to protect it from long-term harm. The tech can empty the filter or remove the clog, and in a few minutes the motor will cool down to a safe temperature for continued use.

“It’s like a warning signal before the motor sees any permanent damage,” said ProTeam President and CEO Matt Wood. “The Thermal Protector will help extend the life of the vacuum, and goes hand in hand with many of the safety features we include in all of our vacuums.”