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They're back! Carpet squares and shag

July 14, 2009

CHICAGO -- Carpet and pad prices have steadily increased about 12 times in 24 months. Rubber and foam pads still require petroleum for their creation. But, even with the increase in price, carpet is still a less expensive floor covering than almost any other installed flooring.

But since we are experiencing an economic crisis, as true Americans, we find a way to go forth and conquer our problems. The new do-it-yourself carpet-installation market is big. Remember carpet squares you could install yourself by gluing/sticking the squares to the floor? The result was fine for a recreation room, but not so fine-looking for a living room. Well, that has changed.

Companies like Milliken and Interface are making a type of carpet square that is easy to install yourself and looks almost seamless when complete. And they are not called carpet squares anymore so don't make yourself sound uninformed. Say "modular carpet," instead. If you watch "Trading Spaces," you might have seen this modular carpet installed by a woman and a 12-year-old.