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Tips from the TCA

November 7, 2001
Tips from TCA

Commercial Textile Maintenance has forever changed since Sept.11, 2001. We now have three issues that have rocketed to the forefront of every facility manager's priority list, Security, Maintenance Programs and Professional Cleaning.

Security has increased tenfold. No longer is it acceptable for anyone to be wandering in and about a building without specific identification and purpose. Maintenance Programs are more important because they extend and preserve the life of corporate capitol investments, especially during slow economic times. Finally, the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment utilizing Professional Cleaners has become increasingly important to the public.

These times present an opportunity for proactive companies to show their true colors. Either step up to the plate or move out of the way. Now is the time, if you have not already, to standardize uniforms, create picture ID tags, mark your vans with your corporate logo, and increase communication between you and your clients. Customize and sell new maintenance programs to companies that might not have been interested just a few months ago. Pull those certification cards, certificates of completion or association membership pins out of the drawer and use them to develop, sell, close and build valuable trustworthy relationships. Remember: Where there is a need; there is a vision Where there is a vision; there is a passion Where there is passion; there is endless opportunity. Doug Bradford, CEO Textile Cleaners of America