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Twister revolutionizing hospital cleaning

February 2, 2011

In a February 2010 report, when compared with the existing cleaning method at the Danderyd Hospital in Sweden, it was established that “floors cleaned with the Twister had a much lower bacterial content, retained cleanliness for a much longer time and they had less friction during mopping compared to floors cleaned with the existing method,” the company said.

Ingrid Karlsson, cleaning manager at Sahlgrenska Hospital, is implementing the Twister at her facility. ”The main advantage with Twister is that you don’t have to deal with any chemicals,” she said. “That you also, after a first upgrade, only need to use one pad when cleaning is another great advantage. It’s nice not having to think about which pad to use. The workload will also drop for the staff, since with the Twister it is sufficient to dry mop during daily cleaning as opposed to before when you had to wet mop.”