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United States Patent awarded for Centrifuge

December 20, 2011

On December 13, 2011, United States Patent 8,074,370 was awarded to inventors Thomas Monahan of Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S.A. & Greg Turcotte of Black Diamond, Canada.

Tom and Greg are co-founders of Centrum Force. The company designs, builds and sells rug washing equipment. Among their designs included the world's first dual port rug wringing centrifuge. This horizontal centrifugal device for moisture removal from a rug received is now a patented device. (See: http://www.centrum-force.com/centri-maxx.html)

The patent was for the company's rug wringing centrifuge: Centri-Maxx by Centrum Force.

"Greg Turcotte and I collaborated and developed the horizontal centrifuge beginning in 2006. We subsequently joined together and co-founded Centrum Force. Our company continues to build and sell rug washing equipment," Monahan said. "Linda Plunkett of AWOPV (Her rug washing company also known as, A Woman’s Point of View located in Brooksville, Florida) was the first to own our dual port centrifuge. She took delivery in 2007. That device was the World’s First ‘dual port’ horizontal centrifugal device for removing moisture from a rug. It also was the first commercially sold, and successfully working American made horizontal centrifuge for rugs. Linda's model was equipped with a 13 foot long cylinder that included an 18 inch diameter perforated inner tube that allowed the water to evacuate out of the rolled rug on its spin cycle.

“Now Centrum Force has a full line of sizes. Many are now in use across North America. This original working design design was protected first under a provisional patent. On October 27, 2008, we registered for full Patent Protection with the United States Patent Office. On December 13, 2011 we were awarded the full patent #8,074,370 for the horizontal centrifuge," Monahan said.