ICS Magazine

Up and Coming in 2003

December 10, 2002
Now that 2002 is all bundled up, with two feet out a door that is slowly swinging closed, it’s time to take a quick look at some highlights of what ICS Cleaning Specialist will offer in 2003.

The January issue, as long-time readers are bound to know, contains the annual truckmount equipment and accessories guide, the most comprehensive listing of truckmount specifications from the industry’s manufacturing leaders. Nowhere else will you find the comprehensive breakdowns of the specs you need for the different machines and accessories you want in a single guide.

February brings something new: the inaugural ICS Carpet-Cleaning Chemical Study. The considerable light bulb that went on upstairs said it was well past time to find out exactly what professional cleaning technicians think about the chemicals they use; how they choose them; what they prefer; how price fits into the equation and whether or not the environmentally friendly world of “green” chemicals makes anyone pause when plucking products off the shelf.

March. April. May. Terrific. Terrific. Terrific.

June. The ICS Directory and Buying Guide. The best resource available in the industry for the industry. ‘Nuff said.

July brings an increased exposure to education, certification and participation, examining associations in the industry and talking to those who oversee them.

Another new study hits the pages of ICS in August. The Truckmount Industry Research Study poll goes right back to the industry professional to find out exactly what he thinks of the equipment he uses, why he buys it and how he thinks it could be improved.

September is the show issue for Connections 2003, the largest combined convention the cleaning and restoration industry has ever seen. Sponsored by almost a dozen industry associations from across the country, as well as a number of companies (including ICS) in various market segments, Connections promises to be the of the most-talked about events in the cleaning and restoration industry in 2003 and beyond.

The ISSA/Interclean 2003 Navigator guide will again be a prominent part of ICS October, providing show-goers with exhibitor name, booth and product display information.

November? Just another in a long line of incredibly informative, educational issues from the folks at ICS.

That brings us full circle. December 2003 dives into the technology, both available and soon-to-be-so, that is working to make the industry better, stronger, faster.

And hopefully for less than $6 million.