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What's our logo worth?

September 10, 2001
What's our logo worth? After all, it's the Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest, and you might be in the duct cleaning or restoration business. Consider this...

What's our logo worth? After all, it's the Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest, and you might be in the duct cleaning or restoration business. The Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) might be more suitable, but by not defining "cleaning," the general public may look to us for anything that could possibly be cleaned.

Many of our members would like the association to advertise the CCINW and ASCR logos to make them more recognizable to the public. As much as we would like to do this, advertising to the public is a very expensive proposition.

(One industry association, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), spent several million dollars on an ad campaign that had negligible results in raising consumer awareness of their message.)

We have to market our associations to others through the support of our members, and our belief in the organization as a group of business owners with high quality work standards and ethics. We believe money spent on education -- instead of advertising -- will pay our members greater, longer-term benefits than having a universally recognized logo.

But there is still considerable value in using the logos of your associations to set yourself apart from companies that refuse to abide by our standards.

When a customer asks, "Why should I use your company?" you can let them know about:
* The information you receive before it trickles down to others in the industry.
* The combined experience of leading firms around the world that trade knowledge with others in the association.
* The confidence you have that your information is not biased toward a product or method, but by the correct procedure for given the parameters of this job.

We wouldn't have to spend so much time tracking down the unethical firms that try to improve their image by using the logos illegally. It begs the question: If the logos had little value, why would anyone steal them?

So whether the logo says CCINW or ASCR, we know we are companies that clean a variety of soft and hard surfaces, however they came to be soiled. Water loss specialists can learn a great deal from a rug specialist who can learn from a fire specialist who can learn from a duct-cleaning specialist...

If your competition is not an association member, you have the advantage. Think about where an association logo would fit in your company marketing and use it.

Joner joins CCINW as
At-Large board director

Daniel Joner, of Country Road Carpet Cleaning of Battle Ground, Wash., has joined the CCINW Board of Directors as our new Board Member at Large. The "At Large" position allows us to use a member's talent regardless of where in our region they live.

Welcome Daniel.

Note: We are just back from visiting Boise, the site of our next convention. The town is wonderful, the golf courses are spectacular, the River Days festival provides more (free stuff) to see and do for the family than any other convention location, and we plan to have can't miss training/certification/business growth seminars.