ICS Magazine

Where Does It All Go?

June 17, 2003
Do you ever wonder what the IICRC does with all the money it collects? Money from IICRC test fees, registrant fees and certified-firm fees? IICRC does not own any school or employ any instructors.

IICRC approves schools, instructors and their manuals based on the curriculum that is determined by the various IICRC technical advisory committees. IICRC does not get any money from the schools that you attend. That money goes to the sponsoring school and instructor. When you take the course exam at the end of the course, any test fees go to IICRC. But what else are you paying for?

IICRC has one management firm and two individual consultants that are paid. Our management firm is Kenway Consultants Inc. (KCI). When you call the IICRC hot line or office, they are the people you speak with. KCI has always done an excellent job for us and their contract has been renewed many times. They perform the day-to-day administrative functions that the volunteers are unable to do.

Our two paid consultants are Jeff Bishop and Larry Cooper. Jeff is IICRC’s new technical advisor, and Larry works on revising IICRC’s standards. Both Jeff and Larry are kept very busy with IICRC tasks, devoting up to several hours every day. The rest of the IICRC board of directors is made up of volunteers, men and women who do not get paid for their contributions.

IICRC often pays for meetings of task forces and standing committees. This is where much of the technical work gets done on the exams and standards, because it is too important for the standards to fall behind in scientific information. Many times the dedicated men and women of the organization pay for their trips to these meetings, and IICRC pays for the meeting rooms and for food.

The committee with the biggest budget is the Marketing/Public Relations Committee. Out of their budget, the IICRC hired a professional public relations firm, Fletcher/Martin, Ewing. This committee is responsible for press releases, developing advertising, contacting publications, writing articles, contacting mills, etc. While all of the board works to get the word out about IICRC’s registrants, this committee coordinates all of our efforts.

Our exams committee works with a professional exam writing organization to make sure that all the exams are written properly. This costs money. It sounds like a simple thing to write out an exam full of questions, but it is much more complex than you or I would have ever thought. We are currently working on different language translations for the exams. For example, did you know that there are about four different dialects for Spanish, each requiring its own version? Slang and other influences are so embedded that each dialect is for the most part its own language. We are working with the exam writing organization because they can help greatly in this area.

These are just a few areas where your money is spent. But expenditures are never made thoughtlessly or on a whim; the IICRC has two main checks and balances to go through before any money is ever spent. Any expenditure must first be brought to the finance committee for approval, and then it goes to the board for final approval. Please rest assured, that both the finance committee and the board are very frugal with your money. They spend your money wisely!