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Why Are You Afraid of Billy Mays?

June 2, 2009

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial on late night television?

Hot Rod and I are road-tripping to a friend’s place in New York. At the hotel last night, I grabbed the remote and started the channel roundup. I stopped at a Tony Robbin’s infomercial. There, I found super successful reality TV show producer Mark Burnett giving a testimonial. He wrapped up his praise for Tony and his CD program by saying, “You are up late at night clicking through the channels and found this program. What does that tell you?”

That is maybe the best call to action I have ever heard. I didn’t buy, because I already have Tony’s tapes, purchased from a previous infomercial moment. I’ve also bought skin care, CDs – I’m a lay down sale if Public TV is offering the CDs as part of their fund drive – exercise equipment, kitchen knives and a “Rotato.” How about you? Have you ever bought something from a TV pitchman you had no intention of buying? That doesn’t make you a rube. It shows that a compelling sales presentation works.

A friend of mine signed up for a class that promised to help her expand her wealth. Then, she got uncomfortable when they presented Part Two of the program for an additional investment. Do you see the humor in that? Perhaps if we celebrated sales and salesmanship we could make more money and have more fun? I vote for unapologetic, glorious, liberating delight in selling and buying!

Yikes. I can hear you now. That’s what’s wrong with America. That’s what’s wrong with Wall Street. Greed! One of the seven deadly sins. Your fear of success is showing. There is a neutral place where you can discover money for all and just what it is: a medium for exchanging energy.

What about letting some of your sales-phobia boil to the surface? Let it bubble up. Take a look at it and ask if it serves you any longer. You can let it go. You can release your limiting beliefs and change your thoughts. When you do, as you do…everything may change for you. Does that make you squirm? Let your fear bubble up and sit with that for a minute. Then, send it packing.

Pay attention as thoughts like this come up:

About selling…
  • I’m not trying to sell you anything.
  • I’m not a salesman, I’m a carpet cleaner.
  • That guy could sell water to the ocean.
About buying…
  • I’m not going to that technical class. It’s put on by a salesman!
  • I’m not falling for that.
  • That’s just a waste of money. What I have now is perfectly fine.
These statements expose your fear. What’s the big deal? Why not give people what they want? Why not lay claim to what you really want? I’m not talking about force, pressure or arm twisting. I’m suggesting offering and accepting. Doesn’t that sit better?

Money is laced with emotional energy. Freeing up your relationship with money is a spiritual journey. You may be well served to have a guide. Consider working with your minister or spiritual teacher. On this topic, consider if they are better off or worse off than you are. Check out the Wealth Tribe at www.everythingisenergy.com.

There is a new show on TV called Pitchmen. Super Salesman Billy Mays – Oxi clean! – takes you behind the scenes of the infomercial industry. It is a fascinating look at how they select a product, test it, refine it, craft a presentation, sell it and measure results. If the approach works, hurray…a winner. If it doesn’t they are on to the next thing. Yes, he has made a lot of money. No, his style may not appeal to you. What’s interesting to me is how much he and the direct selling pros LOVE the game. They embrace and celebrate wins and dust off the losses. What could we learn from them? To have a little more fun with sales. Until you make a sale, you can’t do what you do.

And, consider just what you do. From my standpoint, it is miraculous. You promote health and safety. People die from diseases that you whisk away with just the right blend of tools, products and know-how. Perhaps you could get better….much, much better…at communicating how wonderful you are.

Compare what you do - save the planet, make homes clean and safe, make our living spaces beautiful, protect us from disease and discomfort - to a “Ped-egg” or a “Rotato.” If you don’t know what I am talking about, go to www.google.com and look them up. Watch and learn how the “Ped-egg” sales team presents the benefits derived and problems solved. Hey…you might even order one and get the second “absolutely free!”

As Dale Carnegie says, “Rip open your chest and let them see your heart.”