ICS Magazine

Wood Floor Troubleshooting Tips

December 14, 2000
Maintenance of wood floor coverings has changed over the years. The coatings on them are much more durable than their predecessors. In commercial buildings, it’s rare to find a floor maintained with wood seal and paste wax. Most wood floors now consist of polyurethane or acrylic impregnated, with laminate flooring making a huge impact in that arena. These types of floors are less likely to be scratched or damaged because of these coatings.

Polyurethane or laminate floors are as close to maintenance free as any floor covering on the market. The only thing that is required is daily/routine dust mopping and damp mopping. Always take care in using as little water as possible.

Acrylic impregnated floors on the other hand can show signs of wear and can be scratched. Usually there will be a wear area such as in front of a counter or elevator. When this occurs maintenance is a relatively simple task.

  • Identify the type (brand name if possible) of floor. Why is this important? Because most manufacturers of these products will have an aerosol spray or solution that can be used to bring it back to life. Most are spray buff procedures that will fill in the superficial scratches and smooth the surface.

  • Spray or mist the affected areas with the recommended product. It’s imperative to follow the manufacturers directions. Use the recommended pad or steel wool grade to achieve the best results. Affix the pad or steel wool to the pad holder and work the chemical into the floor using a 175-RPM rotary floor machine in a circular motion until the product is dry. If the desired results are not achieved on the first attempt, repeat the process.