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Woodbine Entertainment Group Bets on Green Cleaning

July 13, 2008

TORONTO - [July 9, 2008] - Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG), a leader in North American horseracing, today announced its new green cleaning program. This initiative will eliminate use of toxins and harmful chemicals associated with traditional cleaning products at WEG's facilities.
  "Historically, change doesn't happen very quickly in the racing industry," said John Marhong, director of facility services, WEG. "Going green has been a natural evolution of who we are as a company. Our green cleaning program is another logical step in our overall sustainability initiative."
  WEG's green cleaning program was developed with assistance from JohnsonDiversey, a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions. JohnsonDiversey representatives also worked closely with WEG to identify the best green cleaning chemicals for its needs and train staff on how to correctly use the chemicals. In addition to green cleaning chemicals, WEG has also implemented a new green floor cleaning program that has enabled it to restore old floors to conditions like new. The program also helps to substantially reduce landfill materials because of reduced packaging.
  WEG is the first race track in North America to adopt a comprehensive sustainability program. It began its initiative two years ago through a partnership to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases with local energy company, Direct Energy. The three-year project is expected to save WEG $475,000 per year in energy costs.
  In addition to its green cleaning and energy saving efforts, WEG's sustainability initiatives also include responsible nutrient management, waste reduction and water conservation programs.