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WSF Corp. Acquires Environmental Firm

November 1, 2000
HONOLULU--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wall Street Financial Corporation, a Delaware Corporation has completed its acquisition of AirCare Environmental Services, Inc., a privately held company. In this action, WSF is consistent with its mission, "The management of Special Assets" including it's approximately 32,000 acre property in the Belize City District, Belize, Central America. The Company is adhering to its principles of revenue generation, either through the management and development of its major assets, or through the acquisition of successful companies with growing revenues and capabilities to enhance the development of these assets.

AirCare Environmental Services, Inc. is a company that primarily engages in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management in tropical environments, providing a full range of consulting, engineering and remediation services since 1989.

Exclusive focus on indoor environments has enabled the company to emerge as one of the most respected IAQ firms in the Pacific Rim area. It has offices in Hawaii and also operates in California. AirCare is also engaging in the area of IAQ Compliance and Reporting. As governmental regulations become increasingly more arduous and demanding, AirCare is responding with staff to provide necessary diagnostics, decontamination, ongoing testing and reporting to satisfy compliance needs. Revenues in 1999 were approximately US $685,000. Jason Princenthal, President & CEO of AirCare said, "We expect revenues of US $800,000 for the year ending December 31, 2000."