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XTREME open house hits on all cylinders

September 8, 2005
XTREME open house hits on all cylinders

The XTREME OPEN HOUSE XTRAVAGANZA held in Noblesville, Ind., July 16, saw stormy skies and the occasional downpour, but good preparation, high spirits and two really big tents kept the party in high gear.

Tours of the new XTREME TEAM specialized commercial drying facilities were conducted. A shuttle transported guests to the new Hydro-Lab annex being built for XTREME TEAM members that happens to be on the same property where a 100-year-old house that is repeatedly flooded and dried provides some of the toughest real-world training anywhere.

The "GrillXilla" churned out barbequed beef and pork, brats, shrimp, corn and more. As darkness fell, dancing and karaoke took over, and it is said that Joey Pickett's rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama" will not soon be forgotten.