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York's carpet cleaners say business is bright

January 18, 2010

Having both a black Lab and off-white carpeting might seem incongruous. Add to this the animal's delicate stomach and tendency to overindulge in plastic holiday ornaments, and it's probably clear why Mary Ellen Valentine recently had her carpet steam cleaned.

While Valentine said her carpet's in fine condition other than the canine-related issues, some area carpet cleaners said they're seeing an increase in business from customers who want to stretch the life of their carpeting to avoid the expense of replacement.

"People will say, 'This carpet is old and I should get new, but I can't afford it right now,'" said Pam Hemler, a customer service representative with Leppo Carpet Cleaners in Spring Garden Township. "They can't afford new carpet right now, so they're going to see what they can do to salvage it." From The York Dispatch.