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Youth Center flood damage pegged at $10,000

September 22, 2008

WORCESTER- On a normal day, the Worcester Youth Center is buzzing with activity as students learn on computers or take GED classes.

But classes are on hold after water from tropical storm Hanna flooded the center at 326 Chandler St.

Furniture was outside the center yesterday as workers from Carpet Cleaning Experts were busy soaking up the water that covered the floor.

“Sunday I came in to open up for a church group and I found about three feet of water,” said Hilda Ramirez, executive director of the center. “We had to close. It was terrible. The smell was tremendous.”

Water pouring from the top of the sloped parking lot and from Beaver Brook Park collected in the building.

There is now a concern about mold, especially in the walls.

So far the estimated cost of the damage is $10,000, Ramirez said. The center has contacted its insurance company to see if flooding is covered.

The center, which receives state, city, police and private funding, is already working with a budget deficit. A roof problem in February caused a water leak and that had to be fixed.

Computer equipment for a new graphic design program is being checked to see if it was damaged. Ramirez said almost all of the furniture was damaged.