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Zakian Rug blends tradition and technology

April 19, 2010

While in Philadelphia on a recent trip, I visited Zakian Rug, a large rug cleaning plant in operation since 1923, and had the opportunity to meet Bob Zakian, third-generation owner of of Zakian Rug.

Zakian uses Moore rug washing equipment; it is quite impressive in and of itself and, in addition to observing the machines and drying areas of the facility, I visited the repair area, where hand re-weaving and fringe repair and replacement are continually being performed.

Zakian is also behind MyRugCleaner.com, a division of the company to which consumers and professionals can send rugs from anywhere, via UPS, and have them cleaned and repaired.

“Contractors can offer rug cleaning and repair services to their clients without the investment in equipment, training or the risk usually involved,” General Manager Don Urgo said. “They send the rug to us, it is returned to the contractor, and they charge whatever they want.”