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2013-2014 Restoration Contractor's Guide to Insurance Repair


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Author : Peter J. Crosa, AIC, RPA

Regardless of the economy, restoration of damaged properties for the insurance industry is recession proof.  This New 2013-2014 Edition has over 300 pages and is packed with information a contractor needs to increase business from agents, claims adjusters and insurance companies.  It includes updated directories, new chapters on Preferred Vendor programs, Estimating Software, Social Networking, and much more.

The insurance claims industry spends hundreds of billions to restore property damaged by catastrophe including fire, wind, and water.  This book will be updated on several different fronts or topics.  New premium stats have been added to show which insurance companies are writing the most business and where you should focus your marketing efforts.  Info based on new trends will be added.

Attorney Harvey Cohen, a specialist in collections for the restoration industry is back with guidance and a list of experienced collections attorneys throughout the country.  The 2013-2014 Guide is an extremely pertinent resource to light your way to working with adjusters and the insurance claims industry.  

Insurance companies spend upwards of $250 Billion annually on claims. This book shows you how to get into restoration of fire, water, and other casualty losses on behalf of insurance adjusters. Property damage happens throughout the year regardless of economic down turns. Never be hamstrung by new construction or real estate slumps again.

We've heard from experienced restoration contractors who bought this book and learned things even though they "thought they knew it all."

Here's a chapter outline:

Chapter 1: Understanding Insurance Companies, Adjusters, and Policyholders

Chapter 2: Improving Your Professional Image

Chapter 3: Marketing Your Services to Claims Adjusters

Chapter 4: How to Find an Awesome Marketing Director

Chapter 5: Online Social Networking

Chapter 6: Preferred Vendor Programs

Chapter 7: How to Write Estimates for Adjusters

Chapter 8: Estimating Software with Sample Forms

Chapter 9: Collections

Chapter 10: Surety Bonding

Chapter 11: Residential Case Study

Chapter 12: Commercial Case Study


Appendix A:  National & State Claims Associations

Appendix B:  State Insurance Commissioners

Appendix C:  Sample Collection Letters

Appendix D:  Glossary of Insurance Terms

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