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Carpet Cleaner's Handbook


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Author : Academy of Textiles & Flooring

The Carpet Cleaners Handbook is the most used training manual in North America for the beginning carpet cleaner. It is written in a plain, simple, and easy to understand style. Complicated topics are reduced to usable field applicable methods. The student and professional alike will go through these chapters understanding the differences between residential and commercial cleaning.
Knowing the necessary things to do when starting a job for a housewife as opposed to a purchasing agent will make the cleaner a success in both locations. The simple process of knowing the difference between plant, animal, mineral, and synthetic fibers is not so simple. All these fibers require different attentions. These are covered extensively in this manual.
Learning how to identify fibers and how to recognize the different styles of carpet will start to produce an individual who has an understanding of cleaning. Coloring of carpets is done in a myriad of ways. Therefore, an understanding of these dyeing processes will help the technician select the right cleaning solution to keep these carpets bright and beautiful.
Soil is the subject of the book and the cleaner will understand that soil varies depending on the state located. The chemistry necessary to remove this material begins with an understanding of the pH scale. It is a simple scale used to determine acidity or alkalinity of soil. There are numerous topical substances in the textile industry. An understanding of these items used to protect, deodorize or to create static resistance are discussed.
Also a short discussion of the uses of bleaches and strippers and the danger of these products is undertaken. Finally a discussion of cleaning systems, crew procedures, safety and maintenance is reviewed.
The last three chapters review deodorization, water damage and installation which are covered in detail in our other textbooks. The glossary and all the other information about the IICRC rounds off a textbook that is used nationwide. It is not only used by carpet cleaning professionals but, by the shelter, health and corporate industries. Really, this book is for anyone who has a question about cleaning carpet.

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